Our Lady of Victories News




Dear All


Our first group of children received our Lord in Holy Communion last Saturday. Next Saturday our second group will receive Our Lord. Please pray for them all.


I want to thank you all for your prayers for my brother. His funeral took place on Friday in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love.




Our School has been thriving and last week Year 6 and Year 5 put on an outstanding musical – Matilda. I was most impressed. Indeed I have not seen anything like it from a primary school before. Congratulations to all! Our School continues to thrive! Do share with others the good News of our school. Invite people you know with children due to start, to come and see it. There are some places still for next year in Reception. All are welcome! The school, smaller than most primary  schools, offers a very special care for each child in all areas and seeks to form them to grow as well rounded young people in Mind body and soul. A big thank you to all  our Staff and Governors.




Peter’s Pence is the name for the financial help offered by the faithful to the Holy Father in support of his




apostolic and charitable mission in favour of the universal Church and the entire world. Each donation, small or large, also has a powerful symbolic value – it is a concrete sign of communion with the Holy Father. Peter’s Pence helps the Holy Father exercise his universal mission in two ways: 


1) akes possible many works of service throughout the universal Church, carried out by the Dicastery's that assist the Pope in evangelization, the promotion of integral human development, education, communication, etc.;


2) contributes to numerous charitable works directly assisting the most in need (people and families in distress, populations hit by natural disasters or war, or who are in need of humanitarian assistance or development support).


Cf Peter's Pence (obolodisanpietro.va)


There are New Year Books available for £4 with quite a few articles catching up since the Pandemic


Statement on the Future of the Catholic Club Building


I have in consultation with the Parish Council been looking at options for the use of the Catholic Club premises. There are two viable options; to sell it or lease it.


Each option has its pros and cons which were explored in detail at various meetings. My conclusion is that the interests of the parish will be best served by choosing a ‘Full Repairing and Insuring Lease.’ This has the advantage of no up front costs to repair the fabric of the building. It will also (hopefully) get the building back into use. It means that the parish will retain control over the use of the premises. I must go through a rigorous process set out by the Diocese in order to conform to regulations and it will be done on a sound commercial basis in accord with the Charities Act.


My intention is to use a reputable company highly experienced in managing this kind of leasing arrangement. This will involve paying them a percentage of rental income from the property. This proposal was unanimously agreed at the Parish Council meeting on 6 June. In summary the advantages of this approach are


· It gives the parish a say in the future use of the building and retains it as an asset for future generations.

· It involves no capital funding of repairs in order to lease the building.

· It restores the integrity of the building and produces a modest stream of income.


I will be looking to start this process as soon as practicably possible.


Fr Chris




The first edition of the brand new diocesan e-news in on the horizon, sign up to make sure you don’t miss it.  It only takes 60 seconds!


Register via www.dioceseofnottingham.uk/news/mailinglist, by emailing naomi.roberts@dioceseofnottingham.uk or scanning the QR code on the poster.




As we are now returning to normal post COVID we need to restart taking the Offertory Collection in Church during Mass again. We hope that those who did this ministry before will return and we are looking for new volunteers as well for each Mass: Men, women and indeed families! There would normally be two Collectors at each Mass. If you could let me know your name and contact details and which Mass you attend. Many thanks.




People have been talking about Sunday Coffee and recently we discussed this at the PPC.  I am hoping to see if we can have Sunday Coffee after the 9.00am Mass.  I know some people have been meeting at Bars for a quick one after Mass or before going to the 11.00am. In the past groups took responsibility for a particular Sunday in the month.  So could the various groups in the Parish let me know if they would like to participate and we will see how it goes.




Catholic Churches in England and Wales. The Friends of Nottingham Cathedral invite everyone to their inaugural Summer Lecture on Thursday 30 June at 7.00 pm, in the Cathedral, and given by Sophie Andreae, architectural historian.  It will explore Catholic architecture from around the country, with particular attention to our Cathedral, St Mary’s, Derby; Good Shepherd, Woodthorpe; and All Saints, Hassop.  Tickets (£10, including a glass of wine) can be purchased at friendsofnottinghamcathedral.eventbrite.co.uk  All proceeds to the work of The Friends.




An invitation to see and experience life with Christ differently.  Bookings are now open for the ASCENT UK - a three year discipleship journey for Catholic young people in years 10 - 12 who want to embrace their faith in Jesus Christ at a whole new level and learn how to share it with others.  Check out www.theascentuk.co.uk  for more details.




Due to the ongoing limitations on social events for fund-raising, our main source of income at the moment is selling items on eBay, but our stock is dwindling.  If we are to keep our promises to our beneficiaries we must maintain this activity.  Please look through your cupboards, drawers, lofts, even sheds and garages, for good quality items that you no longer need.  Clothing is the most popular but anything as long as it is in good condition and still has some value.  Our box is under the table opposite the noticeboard in the cloister.




You are asked to leave food bank items in the trolleys at : various supermarkets when you shop. Refill Revolution at the Eco Village, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Both Coop supermarkets, B&M, Nationwide, Coop Great Glen.

cf https://www.jubileefoodbankmh.uk/


Shopping List: MOST NEEDED​--URGENT​:Tomatoes (tinned), Rice pudding (tinned) Jam Chicken in white sauce (tinned) Hot dogs Beans with sausage (tinned)  Packets of rice, 500g Sweetcorn (tinned) Custard Other beans: chickpeas, red kidney beans...Spam/Ham (tinned) Corned Beef (tinned)’


We are also short of: Tinned red meat such as bolognaise or stewed beef Carrots (tinned) Fruit (tinned} Coffee Crackers  Sugar (small bags--500g)​  Smash/powdered mashed potato  Sandwich paste in small jars Fray Bentos pies Tinned Ham  Tinned peas Pasta sauce UHT juice or bottles of squash Baked beans: after a long time saying we have too many, we now need a few more. Thank you for checking our lists. :) Jars of curry sauce to go with rice UHT Semi-Skimmed milk UHT Whole milk  Tinned potatoes Tinned meatballs . Used, clean and strong carrier bags/'Bags for life




We are now making all the benches available for people to sit on except those under the Choir gallery at the back. These remain for social distancing.


A reminder that if you do not want people to sit next to you, please put your Hymn book or mass book on the bench.




We pray that the Lord God send His Holy Spirit to all the people of Ukraine and gives them the grace of endurance in faith, hope and love amid the current ordeals; may peace be granted throughout Ukraine and may the Ukrainian nation be delivered from all enemies, so that we may glorify the good and merciful God in justice and truth. 

Lord hear us and have mercy. Amen.


Information from Caritas on the Ukraine and the Welcome scheme is available from the Grapevine Newsletter:




Also see Catholic Social Action Network (CSAN) https://www.csan.org.uk/ukraine/


Parishioners can be part of the Church’s response by giving to CAFOD’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at cafod.org.uk/Ukraine




There are copies of the latest newsletter available in the church entrance, together with the Easter catalogue of items for purchase. ACN is the Catholic charity which supports the faithful wherever they are persecuted, oppressed or in pastoral need. The needs of Ukraine and E. Europe are especially highlighted. One way of supporting Ukrainian Christians would be to purchase one or more of the several items in the catalogue made and produced in that war-torn country.




Please would people bring in their red Missio Boxes for emptying.  Thank you.


If anyone would like a box please let myself or Christine Shepherd know.




Thank you so much to those who have volunteered so far.  We are however still short of volunteers to welcome at both the Saturday evening and Sunday 11am Masses.  Please do consider helping out if you are able.  Please contact Beatrice (01858 465492) or Theresa (07748 591398) if you would like to chat to us about it, or email tootskendrick@sky.com  Thank you.




We are hoping to restart our rota for arranging flowers in church. If you are interested in helping, would you please contact either Pauline Bebb tel 01858 682897 or Mary Penney 01858 440603




1st Prize £70 M O'Malley ticket No 139

2nd Prize £30 M Parker ticket No 46

3rd Prize £20 M Sparks ticket No 174


Winnings are sent by letter, if you haven't received your letter, I may have the wrong address please contact Keith Shiers 07814419322 Thank you




at Our Lady’s Statue outside in front of the church. 4.30 - 5.00 pm every Sunday.


As Catholics we pray the Rosary for cohesion and reconciliation in society, for peace, and freedom. We pray for the people, for the rulers, and for the kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ in society. At the same time always for the freedom of the Church, for the clergy, for the bishops, for the Pope, and in reparation for the sins committed against God Almighty and His Holy Mother.


For more details contact Maureen Douglas 07966 515115




I just wanted to let you know about The Mark 10 Mission Little Liturgies.  We launched some new virtual liturgies a couple of weeks ago.  They have been created specifically for children under 8.  Thanks be to God, they are being very well received in our primary schools. We will be putting out a new little liturgy each Friday and they can always be found by following this link: https://www.themark10mission.co.uk/little-liturgies




Under the leadership of Bishop Patrick - bookings are now open - from Monday 4 July 2022 until Friday 8 July 2022. 


Full details are on the Tangney Tours website:  https://www.tangney-tours.com/nottingham, or for more details contact Father Simon Gillespie: simon.gillespie@dioceseofnottingham.uk




Saturday 6.00 pm 25 June 2022:  E Andrews

Sunday 9.00 am 26 June 2022: S Acton

Sunday 11.00 am 26 June 2022: R Lewin


Saturday 6.00 pm 2 July 2022:  N Williamson

Sunday 9.00 am 3 July 2022: P Green

Sunday 11.00 am 3 July: M Lane




The Government directives have changed  and we have received new guidance from the Bishops’ Conference. We will be gradually adapting as the Pandemic becomes endemic. However, always in a safer manner as possible. Therefore we will proceed carefully with the transition to a more normal environment. The key protection is to be vaccinated:  this means two doses plus a booster for anyone aged 16 or over


Some Changes:

  • You no longer need to book for mass. The track and trace is not required. 

  • Masks are advised for the sake of other people if though no longer a legal requirement. 

  • Stewards will no longer direct people to come up for Holy Communion. Simply Our Lady’s side will begin and then we will proceed to the Sacred Heart Side. Please come slowly and leave a good space to the person in front – so that they do not feel there is someone breathing down their neck.

  • We wish to have a system which acknowledges people's wish to maintain distances. When entering a bench, if you wish to maintain a distance from those following you, please place your Mass/hymn books as far from you as you wish, to indicate your preferred gap. If someone is already in the bench, then watch out for where they have put their books.




will continue in the Octagonal Hall on Thursdays after 10.00 am Mass.




From the Parish Consultation, one of the themes that emerged was the need for good Communication. We realised we need to update the Parish List to build the community through good communication. We have now sent out a letter or email to all who are on the Parish List. If you did not receive either a letter or email, you are not on the Parish List. Please pick up a Parish registration form from the Narthex so we have your details or you can email Fr Chris: parishpriest@olvic.com Please check with any Catholic neighbours or friends to see if they have received the letter or want to be on our Parish List.


The Universe Catholic Weekly


is thrilled to announce that we have launched our new  online newspaper with the full support of our first subscriber none other than His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols. 


Order your Digital copy by going to www.universecatholicweekly.co.uk or call us on 0743661 7650 and ask for Michelle. Special offer: Only £20 for 3 months.




There is a Churches Together initiative to gather volunteers to help in Schools. This is a town wide initiative to mobilise volunteers in all our primary schools. The flyer invites volunteers to complete a simple online form - https://forms.gle/HTDkPwYxneHq8Rvk9 - and identify which school they want to volunteer with. These will be distributed to the relevant schools at the end of January. See the flyers in Narthex.




Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, indeed on his way to calvary. He has to pass through Samaria, the Old Northern kingdom which for centuries had been split from the southern kingdom and they did not get on with all sorts of prejudices, hurts and religious differences keeping them apart, on both sides.


As the disciples press ahead the Samaritans make it quite clear they want nothing to do with Jesus, as he is making for Jerusalem. James and John, the so-called sons of thunder, want to punish them for their rejection: they want revenge. Jesus was the Lord, and he deserved the highest respect. Therefore, in rejecting him, the Samaritan village deserved punishment even though they were unfriendly to all Jews.


We can see that these two close disciples of the Lord have not understood him. For Jesus "resolutely took" the road to Jerusalem, where he would allow himself to be rejected.  Christ had repeatedly explained that he was on his way to Jerusalem precisely to accept the people's rejection.  That is how he will show us the depths of his love - through his unwavering patience and forgiveness, through not giving his enemies what they truly deserve but rather mercy.



He reminds them that his mission is not to condemn sinners, but simply to announce the Good News and live it out. He doesn't destroy his neighbours, even when they are in the wrong. Instead, he loves his neighbour as himself, and gives them another chance. He has come to break the chains of circles of hurt revenge and vendetta. He always sees the best in others, he does not give up on people.


What do the disciples do? They rush to judgement: so easy to do. We do it so often. Jesus does not. He breaks the circle. He does not judge: he thinks the best. He of course of all people is the only person capable of Judgement; our judgments are so often rash judgments.  We jump to conclusions. Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury. We become guilty of rash judgement  when we, even tacitly, assume as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbour. This is exactly what the disciples did today. They want to call down fire from heaven to burn them up. Do we not often think or do the same? The Catechism of the Church says: To avoid rash judgement, everyone should be careful to interpret insofar as possible his neighbour's thoughts, words and deeds in a favourable way (CCC 2478) Every good Christian ought to be more ready to give a favourable interpretation to another's words or deeds than to condemn them. We can never truly know someone’s intention or the full facts let alone their life story.



One of the ways that we do this is in fact through gossip. It so often involves judging others: Did you hear what so and so did or said? We judge, condemn and hardly ever forgive!! Gossip often involves two sins. There is detraction: When we say something which is true about someone else but discloses another's faults and failings to persons who did not know them and thus damage their reputation.  Slander or calumny when we spread things that are not true about another which harm their reputation and good name. Everyone enjoys a natural right to the honour of their name and reputation and to respect.  Thus, detraction and calumny offend against the virtues of justice and charity. In a 2013 homily, Pope Francis said: “Every time we judge our brothers and sisters in our heart, and worse, when we talk about it with others, we are killer Christians”, imitating Cain who committed “the first homicide in history”. How do we form the habit of speaking well of others? By thinking well of them. So this week let’s all pick someone and begin to see the good in that person. Each day, pick one good aspect of that person and focus on it. And you’ll be amazed at the effect that has on your words.




I recommend that you pray this prayer every morning.


A “Spiritual Communion” encouraged when we are unable to receive Holy Communion Sacramentally. This prayer was composed by St Alphonsus  Liguori:


My Jesus, I believe that you are truly present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you above all things, and I desire to receive you into my soul. Since this moment I cannot receive you sacramentally, I embrace you as being already there and unite myself wholly to you. Never permit me to be separated from you. Amen.


The Church is open for Private prayer each day


Enter through Fairfield Road


Sanitize your hands on Entry and Exit


Please wear a face mask for the sake of others


Those of you with internet please print off a copy of the Newsletter for Parishioners who do not have the internet. Paper copies are available at church.


May God bless you all and your loved ones in these coming days of grace.


Fr Chris




There is a good website:  www.churchservices.tv with regular Masses from all over the country.


St Barnabas Cathedral will be live streaming Mass accessed at:




Also Walsingham is very popular at:  https://www.walsingham.org.uk


Bishop Patrick tends to stream his Mass on Sundays via:




(This can be found by searching for 'Bishop Patrick McKinney' on YouTube)




CAFOD also have Children's Liturgy activity resources on their website. Please see the link:




There is also https://video.ewtn.com/kids/ which has videos for children including Stations of the Cross.


Also St Mary's Parish and School Derby have a podcast channel - https://www.mixcloud.com/DerbyCatholic/ Sundays 9 am - Children's Liturgy.


Also check out our Youth Service NDCYS for their live streaming on you tube: https://ndcys.com


NDCYS (Nottingham Diocese Catholic Youth Service) have a "YouTube" Channel






PACT is a Catholic charity and their Prisoners’ Families Helpline are currently seeking to recruit more helpline volunteers. The role can be carried out remotely.  https://www.prisonadvice.org.uk/Pages/Category/volunteer




in England and Wales Please see the Bishop’s website: https://www.cbcew.org.uk/home/news-and-media/news/


GRAPEVINE - News from Justice & Peace and Caritas:

Grapevine is the Diocesan Newsletter for Adult formation , Justice & Peace and Caritas in our diocese.





Your foreign coins and used or unused stamps - all can be sorted and valued, with profits to our Bazaar fund.

See Fr Chris or Mick Crook for further information.




All data is stored securely on computer and access is limited to the Parish Priest and a small number of people authorised by the priest, to assist with parish administration. The Diocese remains the sole Data Controller (i.e. has responsibility for the use and control of this data), even where processing is carried out by parishes. The Diocesan Policy can be found at http://www.dioceseofnottingham.uk/data-protection-policy




All who are associated with the Parish in any way are invited to register. When completing the form please use BLOCK CAPITALS and complete all relevant boxes. If there is not enough room on the form for any information please use the reverse. Thank you for your co-operation.




Market Harborough Fairtrade Town are promoting a bag of Rice can change a life in September and October. If they can sell NINETY one-kilogram bags of Kilombero rice then: ONE Malawian rice farmer can afford to send ONE of his/her children to secondary school for ONE year. Kilombero rice £2.99 will be available from The Oxfam Shop, The Growing Tree in Manor Walk,  Anita Beer 07910 073436.




Yes, don’t forget to bring along your used postage stamps and foreign or old coins. We can use them. Just pop them into the box marked for that purpose in the cloister.




If you have been away and want to catch up on what's been happening in the parish you can now read the Parish Newsletters for the previous four weeks.  Click the "Newsletters" button at the top of this page.  You can also download a copy of this week's Newsletter.




We are grateful for your generous support and would ask you to continue with your donations please. The following items are urgently required:


· Fruit Juice

· Tinned Sponge Puddings

· Tinned Meat Pies

· Tinned Meat


All non perishable donations will be appreciated. There is also an urgent need for more volunteers to help at the Foodbank. Those interested can leave their details at the Congregational Church Office on 01858 462376 or via email at jubileefoodbankmh@gmail.com




Great news for Market Harborough. In addition to the Carers Support Group there will now be an Activity Group for people with Dementia. We are looking for people who would like to volunteer for the Activity Group on a Friday morning from 9.30 am - 12.30 pm. You will be involved in welcoming people with dementia and their carers and helping people with dementia to take part in a variety of discussions and activities. Please contact Alison Chaplin of Alzheimer's Society on 0116 231 1111




If so please ask your family, or if you are well enough to do so yourself, to let the Catholic Chaplain know that you are there. Otherwise you will not have a visit from the Catholic Chaplaincy or be able to receive Holy Communion. Under the Data Protection Act, the hospital staff can no longer reveal to any chaplain, or to anybody else enquiring, the religion of any patient in their care. The same applies to Residential Homes and other places of care. The onus is now on the patient or their family to inform the Chaplain.


COMMUNITY COMPANIONS - Supporting Older People back into the heart of their communities: 


Voluntary Action South Leicestershire (VASL) has been offering a befriending service in the Harborough District for over 14 years and are keen to recruit more volunteers who could visit an older person for 1 - 2 hours a week. Training and ongoing support are given, and travel costs are covered. If you could volunteer, or you would like a befriender to visit you, please contact Rohini Corfield (Community Champions Project Manager) or Jenny Young on 01858 439262.   More information is available at www.VASL.org.uk/our-projects/community-champions




The Market Harborough Carers Support Group facilitated by Alison Chaplin meets on the first Friday of every month at 10am at the Coffee Lounge of the Methodist Church on Northampton Road. This group gives carers an invaluable opportunity to share some of their experience of caring for a loved one with dementia. There is also an opportunity to hear about the latest news from Alzheimer’s Society and to look at books and leaflets about dementia, including many written from a Christian perspective. If you or anyone you know is in a caring situation, do let them know about the group. Contact Alison on 0116 031 1111 (alison.chaplin@alzheimers.or.uk). Or just turn up on the day and Alison will be thee to welcome you.


Alzheimer’s Society is also looking for volunteer befrienders in Market Harborough and area. The volunteer befriender enables a person with dementia to participate in an activity they would like to do in the community - perhaps going out for a cup of tea, shopping, going for a walk, doing a sport or taking a class. The befriender needs to be available for a session of up to 4 hours a week between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm Mondays to Fridays. It is useful to be able to drive too. Volunteers will receive induction and ongoing training and support from the Befriending Manager. If you would like to hear more, please contact Alison as above.




The Bower House Christian Counselling Service offers counselling and help to people of the local community. We are open from 9 am to 9 pm and need Support Worker volunteers to offer hospitality within the house as well as some admin. such as answering the phone and taking referrals.  We have a lovely band of volunteers but could do with more help. How will you be spending your time this autumn and winter? Could you offer a three hours slot once a week or once a fortnight? If you are interested please ring Jadz Bower, Chris Hodgson or Jeanette Payne on 01858 469257 or drop in to see us between 9 am and 5 pm.




The Torch Book Club requires sighted people to be part of their group. They meet at the Congregational Church room on 1st Friday of the month from 2 pm - 4 pm. Book of the month ‘Faith like Potatoes’. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to find out more please contact Angela Butlin 01858 467419.




The developing Church in Africa is in need of Rosary Beads.  If you have a surplus Rosary, or part of a Rosary, beads, or crosses and centre pieces surplus to requirement, please hand them to Vanessa, Lisa or Fr Chris.




wish to thank each and everyone for their gifts to the “LIFE SHOP”.  When bringing in goods for the LIFE SHOP, can they be clearly marked with “LIFE” on the outside of the plastic bag.  Small items of furniture will also be welcome, but please contact the Life Shop direct for collection.  Please DO NOT place small furniture in the Cloister for collection.




Our Diocesan advisors have informed us that legacies left in wills, directly to the parish, should really be directed to the  registered charity.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham is the registered charity.  The advice given, is to encourage parishioners contemplating leaving a legacy via their will to their parish, and to make sure the parish will be the beneficiary , is to direct the legacy to the Registered Charity - the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham with strict instruction that it is (in our case) for the parish of Our Lady of Victories, Market Harborough.




Torch Trust is an international Christian Mission that aims to help people with sightless to discover faith in Christ and live fulfilling Christian lives.  They are continually developing their service for blind and partially sighted people and as a result the volunteer needs are also changing.   Perhaps you know someone who has recently retired and is looking to use their gifts and skills, honed in the workplace, in a new avenue.  Or perhaps you know someone who has been long termed unemployed, volunteering can help to raise self esteem and build new skills that can go on the CV with a view of getting back into work. 


Further information on what volunteering roles are available can be found on the poster on the notice board.


"The Lord's Day" -


Weekly Newsletter of the Watermead Apostolate:  https://www.watermead-apostolate.co.uk/the-lords-day




This webpage is updated from the Weekly Newsletter.  Sometimes due to shortage of space it is not possible to include everything in the weekly Parish Newsletter. If you would like an item published on the website please email any items to newsletter@olvic.com 


We can only publish items which meet the criteria for inclusion in the weekly Parish Newsletter.